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Episode 178 - The V Spot (Katt)

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Katt brings such incredible energy and positivity to this powerful discussion on personal growth and self-discovery. As she describes it, she grew up as a prude who was pretty much afraid of all things sex. However, in the last few years she has completely redefined her approach to relationships and sex. She is currently exploring solo polyamory and spending time with the people she wants to, when she wants to. You're not going to want to skip this one...

Katt and her best friend also host The V Spot Podcast which she describes as a vegan-ish survival podcast for best friends. If you love Katt's vibe, you'll love their podcast. Check it out!

The V Spot Podcast

The V Spot Instagram: @thevspotpodcast

Katt's Instagram: @kattd


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Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Dan Savage - The Savage Lovecast


Episode 106 - Rachel

Episode 114 - Katt

The Ethical Slut |

The Smart Girl's Guide To Polyamory |

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