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  Weekly Peer Support Groups  

In October 2022 I (Fin) launched a weekly men’s group and it has been incredible. The feedback I have gotten from the group and the impact it has had on me (and seemingly all of us) has shocked me. I didn’t understand the power of this type of support and community until I was experiencing it.

The success of the pilot group has inspired us to expand this offering and we are excited to open up three new weekly groups!

  • A second weekly men’s group

  • A weekly women’s group

  • A weekly gender inclusive group

Note: The gender inclusive group is open to anyone, we do not yet have the capacity or team in place to offer a dedicated non-binary or similar type group. Additionally, the men’s and women’s groups have always been, and will continue to be, open to anyone who feels that is where they belong.

  The structure for the groups is as follows:  

  • One 90-minute video call per week (6 hours/mo)

  • A private channel in Mighty Networks (Our Community Platform)

  • Maximum of 11 total members (including Emma or Fin)

  • $60/mo with limited sliding scale offered (This works out to be about $10/hour at $60/mo) + $5/mo to join the virtual community.

  • We ask that you commit to being able to join at least 85% of the calls (85% means missing roughly one call every two months)


If you’re interested in joining any of the new peer support coaching groups, ✨please take a moment to fill out this short form ✨(or click the big blue button below) so we can determine how many groups we need to open and which days and times work best for us all. 

  School + Training  

Last fall we both invested in schooling/training to be better prepared and equipped to support this community and the greater ENM community. 

Emma went back to grad school to pursue a Master’s degree on the path to becoming a therapist. Earlier this month she finished her first year (and totally crushed it!). She has another year of classes and then a year of classes/practicum. 

At roughly the same time, I started a training and certification program through the Somatica Institute for Sex and Relationship coaching. The program is broken into two 6-month “semesters” and I finished the first semester in April and we kick off the second in October. There is also an additional 5-day in-person immersion that happens at the end of September that I invested in as well. 

The point is… We both want to show up here with all the tools we can and we’re committed to continuing to learn as much as possible to make this the best community and support system it can be. Anyone who’s listened to our Enneagram episodes knows that the perfectionism is strong with this one.

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