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  Virtual Trivia  

  April 22, 2022 | 10-11:30(ish) pm Eastern  

A private virtual trivia game presented and hosted by Sporcle, exclusively for us so you can   get to know amazing, open-minded people   and have fun while doing it!

  How It Works  

The Scoop:

We have partnered with Sporcle Trivia to bring you a virtual trivia experience where you can be yourself. 

The first 30 minutes will be short introductions so that everyone can meet everyone else. Then we will break up into teams for an hour of virtual trivia, socializing, and laughter. (You aren't just stuck in a room with your team the whole night... Promise!)


After trivia is over we will hang around for a bit so people can socialize and mingle. The winning team gets some awesome swag from yours truly!


$13 per device ($10 for Patreon members)

  Etiquette & Guidelines  
  1. Above all else: Be kind. Be respectful. Have fun!

  2. Feel free to join as a single person, couple, or more...

  3. We ask that you keep your video on and be in a decently lit room. It doesn’t have to be studio lighting but think about who you would want to talk to... A bright smiling face or a dark shadowy figure?

Want to see some of who's going, match, and chat ahead of time? Check out the event on the Bloom Community app by clicking here.

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