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Episode 83 - Taj

Updated: May 22, 2020

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Taj is in his late twenties and has been working for the last 10+ years to figure out how to label his relationship style. We don't have a great answer and honestly, I think the question we came away with is: "Why does it matter?"

This episode is a little different than most, but the honest discussion around the evolution of what relationships can look like for people in their late teens and twenties is extremely valuable. We also have an incredible discussion on consent and safety that is appropriate for anyone and would be especially useful for anyone who has kids who are dating.

Taj on Twitter - @tajleblanc

Links to download the audio from this episode without the intro or outro so you can share it with people and not give away the fact that you listen to a podcast about non-monogamy:

Full Interview

The Consent Portion

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Online STI Testing | STD Check.com

Dan Savage - Savage Lovecast

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