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Episode 317 - The Confident Swinger (Jo)

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Ann and Charles

Jo and her husband have been together for 18 years and have been exploring swinging for 17 of those years. They initially opened their relationship as a way for Jo to explore her bisexuality and things evolved from there. They're primarily exploring the swinging lifestyle and yet, swinging has always been about way more than just sex for them.

We love this conversation for a few reasons... The first is that we get a really incredible look at the early days of what getting into swinging looked like for Jo and her husband. At the same time, we get to see what the evolution has looked like for them over nearly two decades. And, lucky us, we also get to have an incredible discussion about the shifts and growth they're both in the middle of right now.

Jo is also the host of The Confident Swinger podcast and she's a confidence and lifestyle coach who loves helping people turn their dreams into a reality. Please check out her podcast and work over at



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