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Episode 269 - Lara + John

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Lara and John got married over 30 years ago, 9 months after their first date at the library... About 22 years ago they opened their relationship and started blazing their own trail without a script or resources. The initial catalyst was Lara's bisexuality, but there was so much more to it than that.

They've been tweaking the formula together and finding what works for them in the moment ever since. They started with more of a swinging focus and learned that polyamory with a bit more autonomy was a better fit. As is often the case, the lines get blurry when it comes to labels. For these two, the most important thing is supporting each other in their passions, dreams, and life.

These two have such a beautiful approach to living life together that hinges on a few core themes. One of which is "We just don't get all up in each other's space!" They love time together but they encourage autonomy and self-exploration.

It turns out Lara and John don't just foster exploration in each other, it's a core value of who they are. This is why we also get to answer the question "What happens when you're at a poly meetup and your son walks in with his new partner?"

Lara has also written a series of novels that are very loosely based on their experience together. Please go support her work on her website.

Lara's Books and Website


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