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Episode 242 - Serena Rose

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Serena and her husband are newly married and starting to explore a bit of what opening their relationship to non-monogamy could look like for them. Serena has a history of being in monogamous relationships but a few years back she took a break from dating and relationships to figure herself out. When she got back in the game, she realized most of the people she was drawing in were non-monogamous, including her now husband. He came to the relationship with a polyamorous background but they have intentionally kept their relationship closed to build security and determine how they want to do it in their own way. At the moment, Serena identifies most closely with being monogamish... They dabble and are open to exploring but it's still new and perhaps a bit scary at times.

Serena is also a sex and relationship coach with Sex and Love Co. She has been coach for a few years and is excited to weave her personal experience and journey into her coaching work. Her approach to life is as beautiful and peaceful as the birds chirping in the background during this recording... Enjoy!


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