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  Meet & Greet + Private Pool Party  

Date and Time:
September 17, 2022 | 8 pm - 12 am


We've reserved a private pool in the French Quarter called Privé. It has a heated pool, hot tub, bar area, and a capacity of 40 people.


$100/pair ($150/trio) | We are using the Happy Kitten PAL System which means nobody comes alone. Learn more about who can be your PAL here.

We are limited to 40 people total... Don't miss out!

The Vibe:

Come socialize with amazing open-minded people in a casual, yet intimate, space. The main pool and bar areas are clothing optional and there is a small private play area if things heat up for you (depending on current covid conditions). However, there won't be any sexual activity in the main pool or bar spaces.

Snacks and mixers will be provided along with two bartenders for the evening. Other than bringing your own alcohol and any special mixers you want, just bring a positive attitude and an open mind.

Also, after you sign up, you will be invited to a private chat group on Bloom so you can connect with others leading up to and after the party!

  Etiquette & Guidelines  
  1. Above all else: Be kind. Be respectful. Have fun!

  2. Please be vaccinated for Covid and bring your vaccine card with you. Per New Orleans and Privé regulations, vaccine cards WILL be checked at the door.

  3. Please review this consent framework from our friends at the Bonobo Network. This will be reviewed with you before entering the event. Come prepared to ensure everyone has a safe and amazing time!

  4. Alcohol is allowed but not provided. Bring your own but please don't forget rule #1 above. Translation: Don't be the drunk asshole who gets removed and everyone is talking about.

  5. Be curious, ask questions, listen, and be supportive.

  6. Again, with enthusiasm... Be kind. Be respectful. Have fun!


This event is produced with the support and sponsorship of Happy Kitten Events and Pleasure School.

Happy Kitten is a consent based, sex-positive group dedicated to producing high-quality weekly classes, monthly events, and mind-blowing quarterly sex parties.

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