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  March 26, 2022 | 6-8:30 pm | San Francisco  

  Meet & Greet + Private Pole Dance Class  

Date and Time:
March 26, 2022 | 6 - 8:30 pm


We'll be at the San Francisco Pole and Dance Studio.


$50/person | Limit 30 People on 15 Poles

The Vibe:

Amy from Episode 188 owns multiple pole dance studios in the Bay Area and she is thrilled to host a private class for us followed by time to mingle and have a drink in her studio.

All you need to bring is yourself and any food or drinks you'd like... Well, and an adventurous spirit and a desire for fun! Everyone is welcome, regardless of gender. 

After you sign up, check out the event on Bloom so you can connect and chat with others leading up to and after the event!

  Etiquette & Guidelines  
  1. Above all else: Be kind. Be respectful. Have fun!

  2. This event is indoors... Please be vaccinated for Covid and bring your vaccine card with you. Vaccine cards WILL be checked at the door as required by the city of San Francisco.

  3. Please review this consent framework from our friends at the Bonobo Network. This will be reviewed with everyone before we begin. Come prepared to ensure everyone has a safe and amazing time!

  4. Alcohol is allowed but not provided. Bring your own but please don't forget rule #1 above. Translation: Don't be the drunk asshole who gets removed and everyone is talking about.

  5. Be curious, ask questions, listen, and be supportive.

  6. It is dance studio policy that if you want to watch, you gotta dance. If you have a partner who wants to dance but you absolutely do not, you can join us after the dance portion finishes. But, come on, we know you want to dance!

  7. Again, with enthusiasm... Be kind. Be respectful. Have fun!

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