We started doing the T25 workouts back in 2013 after trying every different gym and fitness class combination we could find and having very little success. About a year later BeachBody launched their on-demand streaming service and it is the most effective tool we have found for getting in shape, no matter what that means to you. A year after that, Fin had lost about 25 pounds and we were both in the best shape of our lives. They have everything from beginner workouts for those who haven't done anything in years (us in 2013) all the way up to Insanity workouts that will leave you crumpled up on the floor! Long story short, you get access to everything they have ever created, plus new workouts every few months, for only $99/year. For cheapskates like us who want to workout but don't want to think about what we need to do, it's perfect! Also, signing up with the links above helps support the show. Your $8 contribution is appreciated! :)

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