Below is a list of current events we have planned. The best way to keep informed about new ones popping up is to sign up for our email list. Since our travel schedule is not always planned out months in advance, some of the events could come up last minute and be as simple as "Hey! We're going to be at a brewery on Wednesday and would love it if you joined us for a beer!" Being on the list will ensure you are also at the brewery with us. This is definitely NOT a newsletter, there will be no spam, and we will not be sharing (or selling) the list with anyone. It's for us to keep you up to date on what we are doing so you can be a part of it. We look forward to meeting you... In real life!
Date: TBD
Time: TBD
Location: TBD
Price: TBD
The Scoop:
We don't have any more in-person events planned right now. Most likely we will have some scheduled in early 2020. However! There is a chance something spontaneous pops up, so be sure to sign up for the email list so you know about it immediately!

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