They aren't really courses, but we aren't sure what else to call them. Basically, people have been asking us for a while to create some resources that don't fit the model of our show which is providing a platform for people to share their stories and journeys of exploring non-monogamy. We have been thinking about how to do this for the last eight months and the idea we have developed is to create some supplemental audio material that is more focused on topics (consent, STIs, shame, etc). In keeping with our history of being as transparent as we can about the work we do, here is how we are approaching this new project.

We do not claim to be experts in most things and so we are planning to work with other content creators and educators to create these additional resources. We love collaborating with change-makers and advocates in the sex positive space and up to now we have featured 30+ different podcasts, blogs, websites, authors, apps, and organizations that are working to make this community a better place.  We are excited to continue doing this and are excited that this new project will give us the space to work with people who aren't necessarily non-monogamous even though their messages and resources are still valuable.

One of the most difficult parts of creating this has been figuring out where to keep this material and how to make it available to as many people as we can. One option we are experimenting with is making the content available as a download from a platform called Gumroad. It allows us to post content and let consumers decide what it is worth to them. We really like this model because it makes the content available for free to anyone who cannot afford to pay, but also allows people to contribute to supporting the show and the work we do if they would like. 

We already release a weekly podcast episode each Wednesday and typically at least one Monday episode each month where we feature an interview with another content creator or resource. We do not want to dilute or clutter the material we are already releasing onto our podcast feed, but perhaps that is the best option. We honestly do not have the answer, perhaps it is a combination of multiple platforms.

We believe that information in the sex positive space is rare enough as it is and keeping our content free is something we intend to do.  We are experimenting with ways to provide amazing resources to as many people as we can while being mindful of the financial limitations that some people have. Since we have placed this limitation on ourselves and since we are not independently wealthy, we are unable to pay collaborators or contributors at this time. We do believe that all content creators should be compensated for their time and expertise and at the moment what we are able to provide in exchange is an open forum to reach the audience and community we have created.  We understand that our inability to provide monetary compensation may limit those who want to work with us.

As always, thank you for your support and we're excited for this next adventure!

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