Is it really a course? No, not so much as it is us talking with amazing friends, educators, and content creators about relevant topics in non-monogamy instead of our normal story-based interviews. We promise to keep it exciting!

Below is a list of the 10 episodes for season one! 

You can click the giant Focus Fridays picture below or click right here to download all 10 episodes right now! Enjoy!


  1. Introduction to Vocabulary in Non-Monogamy w/ our monogamous best friends

  2. Intentional Conversations w/ Catherine Scantlin

  3. Sexual Health - Part 1 w/ Dr. Evelin Dacker

  4. Sexual Health - Part 2 w/ Courtney Brame

  5. Consent and Communication w/ Ginger + Ryan

  6.  Shame - Part 1 w/ A.J. Bond

  7.  Shame - Part 2 w/ Jill + Jack

  8. Navigating Sexuality w/ Angela + Bradford

  9. Transitioning Relationships w/ Libby Sinback

  10.  Bringing up Non-Monogamy to your Partner w/ Catherine Scantlin

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